About the company

Adriaing was founded in 1990. From the very beginning, the company’s mission has been to provide our clients with a professional and technically impeccable approach to fulfilling their requirements and wishes in building construction.

From a company focused mainly on marine construction works and deep foundations, Adriaing has expanded through the years to other areas of the construction industry. The proportion of buildings has exceeded that of civil engineering construction in recent years.

Adriaing is recognizable in Slovenia for providing a wide range of technical solutions for carrying out demanding earthworks and laying deep foundations with pile driving operations. Our distinctive feature is a floating platform (a lighter), which is unique in this regard and is indispensable for construction work along the coastal area.

Our highly qualified, educated and motivated staff, who has grown and trained as the company developed, can now tackle even the most demanding projects the market throws at them.

ISO 9001:2008
We obtained the ISO 9001:2008 certificate in 2012 for our efficient quality management system used to meet our clients' requirements in the field of construction engineering and services in civil engineering, building and marine construction.

Mission and vision

We plan, build and maintain all types of structures that improve residential environments and facilitate its development. Our work is based on our long experience, new knowledge and our focus on quality. Our complete and competitive selection of construction services and our social responsibility fulfil the requirements and expectations of our investors.

The situation in the construction industry has shown that there is no room for greedy giants.

Adriaing boasts a rich history and strives for a high-quality and competitive approach, which is the only way to achieve sustainable success.

The company will improve technologically and professionally in the future, with a view to expanding its range of activities into all fields of construction.

We would like to remain a reliable and responsible company and become an indispensable partner in providing construction services on the Slovenian market.

CEO’s address

We are caught up in a world of rapid technological change and globalization. Our company has also been following this fast economic pace. First of all, we offer our customers innovative solutions in construction and engineering, and from the very beginning we have helped them satisfy their requirements and expectations when building the structures they commissioned.

We are well aware that in order to compete on the Slovenian market and the markets of our customers we have to be quick, flexible, affordable, environmentally aware and qualified. Our company is moving at an increased rhythm so we have decided to upgrade the management systems by introducing the ISO 9001 quality management standard.

The mission of our company is to be a strong link in the chain of making our customers’ wishes and requirements come true. By providing high-quality solutions in dedicated construction works within the agreed deadline, we wish to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We look forward to taking on minor, medium and major projects and challenges.

The vision of our company is to expand the range of rational and modern construction solutions we offer, while safeguarding nature and the environment in which we live.


Matjaž Andrejašič

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